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Online Music Lessons

For all lessons, please download the PDF and then follow along with the video. If an mp3 is available, download that too.

You can also go to my YouTube Channel to see just the videos.

LESSON: Getting Started

This lesson will give you a great start in understanding how the left and right hand work together to create music. Please download...

Scales and Chord Exercise

Color-Coded Note/Chord Relationship Chart

Video Lesson

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LESSON: Left Hand Shells

ii - V - I Left Hand Shell Lesson

This lesson uses the Autumn Leaves chord progression and is also the basis for 'Been There, Heard That' by Calgary guitarist, Ralf Buschmeyer. Check him out!

Video Lesson


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LESSON: 12 Bar Blues

12 Bar Blues in Bb Lesson

Play-Along, MP3

This lesson teaches you the basic Bb blues form.

Video Lesson


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LESSON: Easy 4-Chord Progression Using Minor 7 Chords

This lesson takes 5 minutes and will give you a very nice chord progression from which you can improvise, create songs or just have fun making music.

The Chord progression is: [: G//// Bm7//// Am7//// D11//// :]

Video Lesson


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LESSON: 4-Chord Gospel Vamp

Here is another fun vamp with only four chords.

Download the chart in PDF format HERE.

Download the practice mp3 HERE.


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LESSON: Minor Key Bossa Exercise

Here is a good minor chord progression based on the jazz standart, Blue Bossa. This progression is in A minor. There are 2 levels to this exercise. Download the PDF chart and practice mp3 for the specific level. Right click on the file name to download.

Bossa Level 1 CHART and PRACTICE TRACK Level 1 mp3

Bossa Level 2 CHART and PRACTICE TRACK Level 2 mp3

Video Lesson


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LESSON: 3 Easy Latin Vamps

This short lesson shows you how to play a basic montuno rhythm in minor and major keys.

Video Lesson


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